Instrument Proficiency Check Online Course

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Be thoroughly prepared for your next Instrument Proficiency Check with Sporty’s latest online course!

Be thoroughly prepared for your next Instrument Proficiency Check with Sporty’s latest online course!

The Instrument Proficiency Check course is broken down into 6 subject areas and 27 individual video segments. Based on Sporty’s award-winning Instrument Rating Course, the Instrument Proficiency Check app contains over 165 minutes of engaging 3D animations and in-flight video.

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Also included is a review quiz based on content from the videos. After finishing the questions you’ll receive instant feedback on your score and be able to review missed questions.

We’ve additionally included the FAA publication “Instrument Proficiency Check Guidance” – complete with a table of contents to quickly access each section. This helpful guide is useful for both students who are getting ready to complete an instrument proficiency check, as well as for flight instructors preparing to give one.

Instrument Proficiency Check covers the following topics:

• IFR Flight Review

--Instrument Regulations

--Weather Reports & Forecasts

--Aircraft Icing

--ATC & Charts

• Basic Attitude Instrument Flight

--Instrument Scan

--Four Fundamentals

--Compass & Timed Turns

--Unusual Attitudes

• Aircraft Systems & Preflight

--Vacuum System

--Pitot-Static System

--Preflight of Gyro Instruments

• Navigation, Clearances, & Holding

--VOR Airways

--ADF Tracking

--En Route GPS

--Clearances & Departure Procedures

--Arrival Procedures


• Approaches

--Types of Approaches

--Approach Charts

--Flying Precision Approaches

--Procedure Turns

--Flying Non-Precision Approaches

--Flying GPS Approaches

• Emergencies

--Partial Panel

--Fuel Emergencies

--Lost Communications

This comprehensive program from Sporty’s takes you beyond just passing your next check: it gives you the instrument flying information to make you a safer, more proficient pilot right away. It covers everything you should know to impress your instructor and ace your next instrument proficiency check. It also makes a great reference, easily reviewed in between flights.

Accepted for FAA Wings Credit

Online Course Features:

  • All-new design uses the latest HTML5 technology
  • Works anywhere you have a web browser and internet connection
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and iPad
  • No Software to install – just sign in
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