Sporty's Air Facts: Instrument Flying Tips (DVDs - includes 6 Air Facts titles)

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Includes: IFR Strategies, ILS Approaches, Non-Precision Approaches, Instrument Proficiency Check, Self-Examination of IFR Proficiency, Night IFR


  • IFR Strategies
  • ILS Approaches
  • Non-Precision Approaches
  • Instrument Proficiency Check
  • Self-Examination of IFR Proficiency
  • Night IFR

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about aviation education, it’s that learning never stops – whether you are a student pilot or an ATP. Sporty's Air Facts® DVD Video Series addresses this fact with host Richard L. Collins, a renowned aviation journalist with thousands of hours of experience in a variety of general aviation aircraft. In each program, Collins presents the knowledge and ingenuity acquired through years of real-world flying and teaches you how to apply the same veteran skills and hard-learned techniques. 35 informative programs on 9 DVDs teach you to manage the risks of flight and increase the safety factor in whatever type flying you do. So keep learning! You’ll end up a better, smoother, SAFER pilot regardless of the certificates you hold.

Air Facts: Instrument Flying Tips

Includes 6 Air Facts Titles

IFR Strategies

In addition to hand/eye coordination, instrument flying is also a mental exercise. Collins illustrates how to develop your own IFR strategies and tactics so you can manage the dynamic IFR environment like a pro. Perfect for new IFR students and an excellent refresher. (30 min.)

ILS Approaches

Illustrates the finer points of flying ILS approaches. Collins points out factors that affect ILS approaches such as headwinds, tailwinds, visibility, on-board equipment, flying technique and more. See how a little advanced planning makes it easy to stay ahead of the airplane and makes the entire approach and landing or missed approach go smoothly. (31 min.)

Non-Precision Approaches

Unlike an ILS, a non-precision approach doesn’t provide vertical guidance, so the pressure on the pilot increases significantly. Managing the risks on non-precision approaches is, for the most part, simply a matter of planning ahead and being aware of any special requirements on the approach. Step-downs, dog-legs, equipment requirements and more are all addressed. (30 min.)

Instrument Proficiency Check

Keeping current and staying proficient are two very different things, so a good Instrument Proficiency Check is critical. Discusses many common pitfalls of IFR flight and demonstrates how to avoid them by getting the IPC you deserve. Provides a great review of basic currency rules, fuel and alternative minimums, etc. (25 min.)

Self-Examination of IFR Proficiency

Learn how to administer your own “self-exam” to monitor your skills. Collins draws on decades of experience to illustrate the hazards of being too confident in your abilities. He then shows how to develop a scoring system to determine whether you are really ready for your next IFR flight or when it may be time for a refresher. Offers a wealth of advice and encourages the viewer to “score” themselves on each flight. (29 min.)

Night IFR

Examines how darkness affects each phase of night IFR and offers strategies to improve the safety of these flights. Special equipment, charts, approaches, autopilots, GPS and avionics are all discussed as well as human factors. A little extra effort and training can help make every night IFR flight successful. (28 min.)

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