Sporty's WYSK - Instrument Flying and Weather Kit (DVD's)

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Keeping instrument proficient can be a daunting task for those who do not fly much.
Accepted for FAA Wings Credit click here

Keeping instrument proficient can be a daunting task for those who do not fly much. Keep current with these three DVDs from Sporty’s What You Should Know Series:

Instrument Proficiency Check
Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) takes you beyond just passing your next check. It gives you the instrument flying information to make you a safer, more proficient pilot. IPC includes such topics as basic attitude instrument flight, preflight and aircraft systems, navigation, holding, approaches, emergencies and weather reports and forecasts. Don't take chances in the demanding instrument environment; use IPC to improve your skills and ability to operate in the system.

IFR Communications
Buckle up and join Sporty’s on three exciting instrument flights featuring pilots of various experience levels flying and communicating in the IFR system. More than just a rehash of basic radio procedures, this program gives today’s instrument pilot a real-world look at IFR communications through all phases of flight in a variety of airspace. The action-packed flights take place in a Cessna Skyhawk equipped with VOR navigation, a Garmin G1000-equipped Cessna Skylane and a twin-engine Piper Aztec with an MFD including GPS, traffic and datalink weather. We’ll visit several airports, including rural non-towered airports and the high-density LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) in New York. Experience the unique challenges each flight presents and see how the pilots effectively manage all available resources to complete each mission. Also included are sections designed to refresh your knowledge of basic IFR communications, plus a review of communication procedures during emergencies. IFR Communications will make you a better instrument pilot regardless of experience and help make your next flight smoother and safer. Dual disc (DVD video on one side, audio CD on the other) allows you to listen to the entire program in your car, or watch it on a TV or computer.

Richard L. Collins’ Advanced Weather Flying
This four-program set, now combined onto two DVDs, is a graduate-level course in weather flying from Richard L. Collins, taught from the cockpit of his P210. It is packed with almost seven hours of expert instruction on how to apply theory to real world situations. You'll go on actual flights with Collins to explore the relationship between forecast weather and real conditions and how complex weather systems affect the airplane. The course is organized into four programs - one on each of the four seasons - making it great for quick review.

Also includes an interactive on-screen weather decoder that puts 1,500 weather contractions at your fingertips, and works right on your TV. More than the METAR and TAF codes, this resource includes contractions covering everything from PIREPs to very technical weather forecast discussions.

These DVDs are much more than the basic material taught in primary instruction - they prepare you for serious weather flying.

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